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Kitten Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, India
Sterilization Indicator, Lyophilized ATCC Culture, Sterilization Packaging Material, Sealing Machine, Sterilizable Shoe, Sterilizable Tools, Enzymatic Cleaner, Dual-Arch Fluoride Trays, Genie TM-Ultra Hydrophilic Impression Material, Impression Trays, Neutral pH™ 2% Sodium Fluoride Gel, Prophylaxis Paste 12 oz. Jars, Topical Anesthetics.
Shaili Endoscopy, Vadodara, India
Equipment For Laproscopy and Flexible Endoscopy, Light Source, Camera, Diagnostic and Therafotic Devices for Endoscopy, Papilitome, Dilator, Stent
Regency Lifesciences

Life Saving Medical Devices and Disposables :

  • Heart Valve, Membrane Oxygenator, Arterial Filter...

  • Contrast Media, Consumables and Equipments...

  • Cardiac Surgery/Neuro Surgery/ Micro Vascular/ Laproscopic Surgery Instruments

  • Vascular Access Products, Hernia Repair Mesh

  • Cardiovascular Devices, Oxygenator, Perfusion Tubing Pack...

  • Critical Care Products - Haemodynamic Monitoring Accessories ...

Sundak Industries
Fully automatic, Multicavity, Fully Hot runner, Semi Hot runner, Cold runner moulds and Unscrewing moulds for industries like:
  • Medical applications like syringes and disposable devices

  • Oral hygiene products

  • Pharmaceutical Packaging

  • Caps and Closures

Inomed Medizintechnik GmbH
Manufacturing and distributing equipment and instruments for neuro-physiological monitoring of the nervous system during various surgical procedures. The application of these systems assists the physician in more easily localizing nerves, preserving important nerve structures and their function. Thus the risk of nerve damages during operations is considerably reduced. For diagnostic and therapy purposes, a special range of micro electrodes, TC electrodes and guide tubes have been developed by inomed especially for application in the field of functional neurosurgery.
Advance Medicure Systems
Metal Stents, Banding Ligator, Biopsy Forceps, Foreign Body Retriever, Hemostasis Catheters (EST Needles), ERCP Catheters, Sphinctrotomes, Guidewires, Stent Introducer Set, Biliary Stents, Lithotripsy, Biliary Stone Exraxtion Ballons, Biliary Stone Extraction Basket, Nasal Biliary Drainage Catheter, Balloon Dilators, Polypectomy, Cytology Brush, EUS FNA Needles.
Relique Technologies, Pune, India
  • Manufacturing of Air Steriliser, Ionisers. Brand Name : Sterlomaxx
  • All types of Hospital Furniture, Operation Tables, O.T. Lights
Action Medical Marketing Pvt. Ltd.,Pune,India
Intraocular lenses, Surgical Instruments (disposable & non-disposable), Syringes, needles, dressing material & disposables
Clarity Medical Pvt. Ltd.

4 & 6 Channel ECG Machine with detailed interpretation ; 2 Channel ECG Machine with Primitive interpretation ; Single Channel ECG Machine with Thermal Printer ; Pulse Oxymeter with Plethysmograph ; Multiparameter Patient monitor with ECG, SPO2, NIBP, Respiration Rate, Temperature ; 4/8 Bed Central Monitoring system with 5 parameter monitoring

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Electro-medical   Equipments / Medical Technology 

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