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Lakhani Medicare Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturing and distributing equipment and instruments for neuro-physiological monitoring of the nervous system during various surgical procedures. The application of these systems assists the physician in more easily localizing nerves, preserving important nerve structures and their function. Thus the risk of nerve damages during operations is considerably reduced. For diagnostic and therapy purposes, a special range of micro electrodes, TC electrodes and guide tubes have been developed by inomed especially for application in the field of functional neurosurgery.
Shriram Polytech (A Division of DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd.)
PVC Compounds for Blood Bag Sheet Tubings, I.V. Set, Catheters Tubing, Drip Chamber, Oxygen Mask. Medical Grade Compounds for Clear Extrusion - Blood Bags, Tubings, Molding -> Oxygen Mask, Connectors, Rigid Connectors, Bottles.
Romsons International, Agra, India
Manufacturer of wide range of medical disposables like Urine Collecting Bags, Urological Catheters, Suction Catheters, Gastric Catheters, Thorocic Drainage Catheters, Dialysis Catheters, Syringes, Oxygen Delivery Devices, Tranfusion Equipments, Close Wound Suction Set, Clamps, Filling Cannula, Colo Bag, etc.
Shaili Traders, Vadodara, India
Equipment For Laproscopy and Flexible Endoscopy, Light Source, Camera, Diagnostic and Therafotic Devices for Endoscopy, Papilitome, Dilator, Stent
Albert David Limited
Analgesics Anti Inflammatory, Anti-Bacterials, Anti-Ulcerants, Dermatologicals, Anxiolytics Large Volume Parenteral, Disposable Syringes & Needles, Herbal Drugs, Nutrition, Neurotropics Placental Extracts, Anthelmintic, Haemostatic, Cough Preparations, Laxatives, Skeletal Relaxants, Anti-Arthiritic / Chondroprotective Agents.
Denex International, Delhi
I.V. Cannula with PTFE Catheter, Naleton Catheter, Ryle's Tube, E.T. Tube, Non - Wovens
Produces and sells, via its worldwide distributor network, monofilament polypropylene meshes for hernia repair and female urinary incontinence.
Endosys Technologies
  • Air Sampling & Sterilization Services

  • Fumigation, Microbial and EO Gas Sterilization.

  • Complete range of Medical Equipments Servicing

  • Customization of the Sterilization and Storage trays as per the Hospital Specifications.

  • Consultancy services for the establishment of CSSD departments.

  • Software Support for the computerization of the services in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and Clinics.

  • Solar power setup for the specialty applications.

Thea-tex Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Leading manufacturer of non woven medical/industrial disposables. (Face Masks, Headwear / Caps, Gowns, Shoe Covers, Drapes, Other Non Woven Disposable products)
Advance Medicure Systems
Metal Stents, Banding Ligator, Biopsy Forceps, Foreign Body Retriever, Hemostasis Catheters (EST Needles), ERCP Catheters, Sphinctrotomes, Guidewires, Stent Introducer Set, Biliary Stents, Lithotripsy, Biliary Stone Exraxtion Ballons, Biliary Stone Extraction Basket, Nasal Biliary Drainage Catheter, Balloon Dilators, Polypectomy, Cytology Brush, EUS FNA Needles.
SIDD Life Sciences Private Limited
Arterial Blood Filter, Adult Bubble Trap, Autotransfusor, Bubble Oxygenator, Blood Transfusion Filter, Chest Drainage System, Cardioplegia Delivery System, Cardiac Pacer Electrode, Cardiotomy Reservoir, Closed Suction System, Concentric Needle Electrode, Custom Pack, Gas Line Filter, Infant / Paediatric Bubble Trap, Membrane Oxygenator, Myocardial Protection System, Neonatal Intravenous Filter, Spirometer, Ventilator Circuit
Pradeep Surgical Dressings Pvt. Ltd.
We are the leading manufacturers of Machine-Made Surgical Dressings. Our range of products includes: Absorbent Gauze Swabs, Abdominal Sponges, Dressing Pads, Eye Pads etc...
Regency Lifesciences
Life Saving Medical Devices and Disposables :
  • Heart Valve, Membrane Oxygenator, Arterial Filter... 

  • Contrast Media, Consumables and Equipments... 

  • Cardiac Surgery/Neuro Surgery/ Micro Vascular/Laproscopic Surgery Instruments 

  • Vascular Access Products, Hernia Repair Mesh 

  • Cardiovascular Devices, Oxygenator, Perfusion Tubing Pack....... 

  • Critical Care Products - Haemodynamic Monitoring Accessories..

Eastern Medikit Limited,New Delhi,India
I.V. Cannula with injection valve, with wings, I.V. Cannula without injection valve with wings, I.V. Cannula without injection valve without wings, I.V. Cannula for neonates, I.V. Cannula with injection valve, with wings, with transparent catheter, I.V. Cannula with integrated 3 Way stop cock, I.V. Cannula without injection valve small wings, Three way stop cock, Extension lines with integrated three way stop cock, Extension lines with male and female luer lock
Angi Plast Pvt. Ltd., Ahmedabad,India
Engaged in manufacturing of entire range of Infusion/Transfusion Sets, Disposable Syringes and other medical devices including components.  Product range include Solution Administration sets, Blood Administration Sets, Scalp Vein Sets, Blood collection Sets, Pediatric Sets, Infant Feeding Tube, Suction Catheter, etc.
Ambaji Green Tree Syringe Pvt. Ltd.,Calcutta,India
Latest State of Art Technology From Korea
Hi-Tech Surgical Systems
Dialysers, Blood Tubings, Fistula Needles, Cathers, Dialysis Machine & Chasr etc. Electrodes, ECG Roll & other disposable products.
Angel Products, Ahmedabad, India
Suction Devices, Catheters, Disposable Articles for hospitals, Disposable Articles for laboratories, Disposable Articles for surgeries, Adaptors, Connectors, Moulded Parts, Tubing, Plugs, Caps, Stopcocks.
Action Medical Marketing Pvt. Ltd.,Pune,India
Intraocular lenses, Surgical Instruments (disposable & non-disposable), Syringes, needles, dressing material & disposables
Pregna International Ltd.,Mumbai,India
ISO 9002 Company, CE certified products. Leading manufacturer of contraceptive devices
AMIGO Surgi-Care Pvt. Ltd.,Ahmedabad,India

Quality Manufacturers For Wide Range Of Medical Disposables Like I.V. Cannulas, Syringes, I.V. Sets, Catheters etc.  Specialist in I.V. Cannulas.

R.H.B. Enterprises, Ahmedabad, India
Ethicon Suture Materials of M/s. Johnson & Johnson, Glucometers, Disp. Gloves, Face Masks, Caps, Endomicenical Crape, Bandages, Microshild Products and all Hospital Supplies Products
Corporate Channels India Pvt. Ltd., Udaipur, India
Copper-T380A, Copper-T200B, Tubal Ring, Assist Devices, Dilator, Guide
Khushi Exports
Filter mesh fabrics in Nylon, HDPE, Polyester make used in marking of I.V.Sets, B.T.Sets, Fabrics available in various microns.
Iscon Surgicals Ltd.,Jodhpur,India
"PRICON" Brand Disposable Syringes with & without Needle, L.P. Needle, Suture Needle, Reusable Hypodermic Needle (Metal Hub), Veterinary Needle, Blood Lancet Needle, Body Piercing Needles, Infusion Sets, Opthalmic Microsurgical Cannulae, Blade & Instruments, AUTO DISABLE SYRINGES (SAFETY SYRINGES) & other Medical Disposable Allied Surgical Products.
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