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Kitten Enterpirses Pvt. Ltd.

Sterilization Indicator, Lyophilized ATCC Culture, Sterilization Packaging Material, Sealing Machine, Sterilizable Shoe, Sterilizable Tools, Enzymatic Cleaner, Dual-Arch Fluoride Trays, Genie TM-Ultra Hydrophilic Impression Material, Impression Trays, Neutral pH™ 2% Sodium Fluoride Gel, Prophylaxis Paste 12 oz. Jars, Topical Anesthetics.

Shriram Polytech (A Division of DCM Shriram Consolidated Ltd.)

PVC Compounds for Blood Bag Sheet Tubings, I.V. Set, Catheters Tubing, Drip Chamber, Oxygen Mask. Medical Grade Compounds for Clear Extrusion - Blood Bags, Tubings, Molding -> Oxygen Mask, Connectors, Rigid Connectors, Bottles.

Ind Plastics

Injection Moulded Components, Plastics Pouches on PVC for medical purpose.


Involved in marketing of USA make sterilization indicator, sterilization pouches, dehydrated media and culture, wish to expand business activity by importing products related to sterilization and or sterility assurance.

Angel Products, Ahmedabad, India

Suction Devices, Catheters, Disposable Articles for hospitals, Disposable Articles for laboratories, Disposable Articles for surgeries, Adaptors, Connectors, Moulded Parts, Tubing, Plugs, Caps, Stopcocks.

Iscon Surgicals Ltd., Jodhpur,India

Disposable Syringes, Needles, Suture Needles, L.P. Needles, Ophthalmic Cannulas, Instruments, I.V. Sets, Reusable Needles & Allied Items






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