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Medical Equipments and Furniture
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Lakshmi Designers

Lakshmi Designers was established as a commercial tool room with the principal focus on manufacture of injection molds, press tools and dies to cater to the automobile, medical, electrical, electronics and telecommunications sector...

Relique Technologies, Pune, India
  • Manufacturing of Air Steriliser, Ionisers. Brand Name : Sterlomaxx

  • All types of Hospital Furniture, Operation Tables, O.T. Lights

Regency Lifesciences
Life Saving Medical Devices and Disposables :
  • Heart Valve, Membrane Oxygenator, Arterial Filter...

  • Contrast Media, Consumables and Equipments...

  • Cardiac Surgery/Neuro Surgery/ Micro Vascular/Laproscopic Surgery Instruments

  • Vascular Access Products, Hernia Repair Mesh

  • Cardiovascular Devices, Oxygenator, Perfusion Tubing Pack.......

  • Critical Care Products - Haemodynamic Monitoring Accessories .....

Hi-Tech Surgical Systems

Dialysers, Blood Tubings, Fistula Needles, Cathers, Dialysis Machine & Chasr etc. Electrodes, ECG Roll & other disposable products.

R.H.B. Enterprises, Ahmedabad, India

Ethicon Suture Materials of M/s. Johnson & Johnson, Glucometers, Disp. Gloves, Face Masks, Caps, Endomicenical Crape, Bandages, Microshild Products and all Hospital Supplies Products

Iscon Surgicals Ltd.,Jodhpur,India

"PRICON" Brand Disposable Syringes with & without Needle, L.P. Needle, Suture Needle, Reusable Hypodermic Needle (Metal Hub), Veterinary Needle, Blood Lancet Needle, Body Piercing Needles, Infusion Sets, Opthalmic Microsurgical Cannulae, Blade & Instruments, AUTO DISABLE SYRINGES (SAFETY SYRINGES) & other Medical Disposable Allied Surgical Products.




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Medical Disposables and consumables for surgeries and hospitals  
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Medical Equipments and Furniture
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