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Solvay Advanced Polymers and Secant Medical Announce marketing partnership in biomedical fabrics

SOLVAY Advanced Polymers, LLC, a Solvay Specialty Polymers Company and global supplier of high-performance polymers, along with Secant Medical, LLC, a leading manufacturer of custom biomedical textile structures for medical devices, have formed a marketing partnership to promote the development and production of implantable biomedical fabric structures made of Zeniva PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) fiber.

New Grade of Polycarbonate from Bayer MaterialScience LLC Meets Growing Trend for Thinner Walls in Medical Devices

As demand for smaller, less intrusive medical devices continues to grow, designers and OEMs are increasingly seeking materials with properties that can make these new devices possible. Bayer MaterialScience LLC launched a new grade of medical polycarbonate to address this need during the Medical Design & Manufacturing East conference.

India, Canada To Launch R&D Projects In Biotech, Medical Devices

Under the Canada-india Agreement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation aimed at fostering joint Research and Development (R&D) projects, the two sides will launch R&D projects in all areas of biotechnology including life sciences and medical devices.

Stanford Brings Affordable Medical Innovation To India Through Collaborative Design

A BONE DRILL is a nasty-sounding device that looks like something you'd find on the shelf at Home Depot. You wouldn't want to see one coming at you, but if you needed one, you'd likely be in such bad shape that you wouldn't even notice.

i2india views poor commercial seed-stage financing key hurdle to growth of medical devices

Lack of commercial seed-stage financing is being viewed as a major challenge for growth in the area of medical devices research and development space. This is because the largest fraction of funding is going in to set up diagnostic services and hospitals in the country.

US FDA provides updated safety data on silicone gel-filled breast implants

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a report updating the clinical and scientific information for silicone gel-filled breast implants, including preliminary safety data from studies conducted by the manufacturers as a condition of their November 2006 approval.

Senator tells FDA to Seek Medical Device Industry's Expertise Before Changing 510(k) Process

U.S. Senator Al Franken (D-MN) urged a top official at FDA to seek input from medical device manufacturers in Minnesota and across the country before changing the approval process for new products.

Implant Mimics Cancellous and Cortical Bone

Korean researchers have developed a technique for producing cancellous and cortical bone implants. Previous studies have focussed on producing cancellous bone, which has a spongy, honeycombed structure. However, artificial bones for practical applications must also imitate cortical bone, the hard, strong tissue found on the outer layers of bone.

Microtest Labs announces new fast-track toxicity testing for medical devices using Zebrafish embryos

Microtest Laboratories has announced a new fast-track test to screen plastics and polymers in medical devices for toxicity using Zebrafish embryos (Danio rerio), a technique already widely utilized in drug development studies.

Madras High Court stays extension given to DCGI until further orders

In a major embarrassment to the Government of India, the Madras High Court has stayed until further orders the Union health ministry's recent order in which it had given nine months extension to Dr Surinder Singh to continue in the position of Drugs Control General of India (DCGI).

Biomaterials Research Update: New Wound Healing Materials at Purdue

Researchers at Purdue University’s Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering are in the process of developing scaffold-like materials that promises to speed up the recovery process for patients. The wound healing material has a fast curing time once inside the body.

Abstracts Of Regulatory Report – July 2011

The abstracts of the Regulatory Reports circulated by “AIMED”

India-LAC Pharma Business Meet

After a grand success of 1st edition of India-LAC Pharma Business Meet in 2007, we are pleased to inform that we are organizing 2nd edition of 'India-LAC Pharma Business Meet' during 28-30th September 2011 at Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, involving importers / buyers / FDA / Drug Regulatory officials from Latin American Countries. This event is being organized coinciding Council's 7th Annual General Meet and also Export/Patent Awards function.