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Product and Subject Index

Chapter 1 : Introduction to Medical Device
  • Medical Devices: Managing The Mismatch

  • “Catheters”

  • Self-Expanding Plastic Stents Used In The Treatment Of Benign Esophageal Conditions

  • A Combination Product

  • Defining A Medical Device

Chapter 2 : Adverse Events

  • Serious Health Consequences Due to Faulty Tracheostomy Tube Sets

  • Improper Design or Use Of Blood Collection Devices Adversely Affect Accuracy Of Lab Test Results

  • Failure of Endotracheal Tubes

  • Hospital Errors on Medical Tubing Killing Patients

  • Trends In Medical Device Adverse Events

  • How Easily Bacteria Clog The Medical Devices…!!

  • Risk Management For Medical Devices

  • Complications Associated With Urological Devices

  • About Trends In Medical Device Adverse Events

  • Catheter Introducers – A Potentially Life Threatening Episode

  • Human Factors Leading To Medical Device Adverse Events

  • Luer Taper Fitting As Connectors In The Medical Industry

  • Problems With Transvaginal Surgical Mesh

  • Heparin In Medical Devices Linked To 11 U.S. Deaths

  • Preventing Dangerous Hemodialysis Catheter Disconnections

  • Particulate Matter In Blood Bags

  • Complications Related To The Use Of Bone Cement

  • Failure Of The Tracheostomy Tube

  • Potential Cross-Contamination Linked To Haemodialysis Treatment

  • Complications Related To The Use Of Vascular Haemostasis Devices

  • Occluded Endotracheal Tubes

  • Allergic Reactions To Medical Devices Containing Latex

  • IV Catheter-Associated Infections

  • That Long Needles ‘Cut Injection Pain’ For Babies

  • Old Dialysis Filters Are Responsible For Kidney Patient Injuries

Chapter 3 : Applications

  • PU Dressings Help Wounds To Heal

  • The Economics Of Prefilled Syringes

  • Coronary Drug-Eluting Stents

  • Intravenous Infusion Sets (IV Set) In Anaesthesia Practice

Chapter 4 : Regulations & Quality Issues

  • Balancing Product Development Effectiveness with Regulatory Compliance

  • Modernizing Biocompatibility and Biological Risk Evaluation of Medical Device Materials

  • Regulatory Science Priorities For Assuring Safety, Effectiveness, Performance and Quality of Medical Devices

  • Effect of Medical Device Quality Performance on Business Performance

  • Challenges Of Using Combination Products

  • FDA Regulations Regarding Medical Devices

Chapter 5 : Markets & Emerging Trends

  • Drug / Device Combination Products & ASEAN Markets

  • Implants As The Fastest Growing Application For Medical Plastics

  • What Global Medtech Manufacturers Need To Copy From India And China

  • India’s Success In Developing Its Own Health Related Technologies

  • The WHO Report On Medical Devices And Equipment

  • Humanitarian Use Medical Devices (Huds)

  • The Ageing Population In Europe

  • About Implants As The Fastest Growing Application For Medical Plastics

  • Challenges Of Using Combination Products

  • Drug / Device Combination Products & ASEAN Markets

Chapter 6 : Innovation & Product Developments

  • High Impact Frugal Innovations In India

  • Medical Device Innovation

  • Replacement Cornea Makes Clear Difference

  • First Medical Device Derived From New Class Of Biopolymers: Absorbable Suture Product

  • Remote Monitors For Medical Devices

  • Silicon Sensors For Use In Catheters

  • Phatik Intraocular Lenses

  • Temporary Artificial Heart

  • Coatings For Blood-Contacting Devices

  • Knowledge Management

  • Why The Great Scientist APJ Abdul Kalam Developed Orthosis Callipers Weighing Just 300 Gms!

  • Why I.V. Administration Sets Require In-Line Filters?

  • Balancing Product Development Effectiveness with Regulatory Compliance

Chapter 7 : Materials : Medical Polymers, Biopolymers & Other Materials

  • What is a Medical Grade Polymer?

  • Using Medical Polymers Reduce Hospital-Acquired Infections

  • Advanced Medical Polymer For Treating Diabetic Patients

  • The “Medical Grade “ Polymer Dilemma

  • Why “PEEK” offers success for the manufacture of medical parts

  • Polymers To Restore The Sound Of Music?

  • Conductive Plastic Which May Preserve Eyesight...!!

  • UHMWPE Fibers

  • Engineered Medical Coatings Advancing The Performance Of Medical Devices

  • Intelligent Materials To Revolutionise Surgical Implants

  • Medical Device Coatings

  • Why You Should Not Use PVC Tubing In The O2/Aircircuit If You Are Using Forane

Chapter 8 : Manufacturing : Technologies & Trends

  • Why Clean Room Is Important -- For Medical Plastics Manufacturing

  • Best Practices to Ensure Good Supplier Management

  • Welding Of Thin Polymeric Films For Medical Applications

  • When To Consider Outsourcing Medical Device Manufacturing To A Contract Manufacturer?

  • Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

  • Ultrasonic Welding For Assembling Of Medical Components

  • Filters In Intravenous Filter Sets

  • Hypotension And Bedside Leukocyte Reduction Filters

Chapter 9 : Packaging & Sterilization

  • Determining Breathable Area Of Sterilization Package?

  • Packaging Failures: The Largest Source Of Sterility Recalls

  • Sterilization Of Plastics

  • Using Steam For Sterilization

  • Packaging Combination Products (Medical Devices)

  • How Different Sterilisation Methods Were Developed?

  • The Importance Of Keeping Premixed IV Bags Covered In Their Plastic Overwraps

Chapter 10 : Healthcare Practices, Procedures & Techniques

  • Safe Injection And Safety Practices

  • Prevention Of Catheter-Related Infections

  • Dialysis Procedure

  • Five Steps To Safer Healthcare

  • Healthcare Supply Chain

  • The “Distribution Channel” For Hospitals

  • The Reuse Of Single-Use Devices

Chapter 11 : Environment, Waste management & Safety Concerns

  • PVC : The Environmental Perspective For Health Products

  • Establishing A Healthcare Plastics Recycling Program

  • Healthcare Plastics Recycling

  • Shared Responsibility For Medical Device Safety And Performance

  • Safeguarding Cardiac Guide Wires To Avoid Breakage

  • Infectious Hospital Waste

  • Safety Of Healthcare Professionals

  • Vinyl And The Environment?

Chapter 12 : Industry, Government Research & Academic Institutions

  • Sterilization Packaging Manufacturers Council

  • Pediatric Medical Device Institute

  • The Center For Devices And Radiological Health (CDRH)

  • The US Healthcare Industry




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