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Ten Emerging Technology Trends To Watch Over The Next Decade

Ten years ago at the close of the 20th century, people the world over were obsessing about the millennium bug – an unanticipated glitch arising from an earlier technology. I wonder how clear it was then that, despite this storm in what turned out to be a rather small teacup, the following decade would see unprecedented advances in technology – the mapping of the human genome, social media, nanotechnology, space-tourism, face transplants, hybrid cars, global communications, digital storage, and more. Looking back, it’s clear that despite a few hiccups, emerging technologies are on a roll – one that’s showing no sign of slowing down.

Medical Plastic Products Industry, An Urgent Need To Strengthen Technical Innovation

Over the past 15 years, the international medical plastics market, the average annual growth rate of 15% to 18% in a variety of medical device market growth rate in the top. The production of medical plastic products in China began in the last century, 70's, the earliest medical plastic products of PVC (PVC) infusion bag system, which replaced the transport inconvenience, easily broken glass infusion bottles. At present, medical plastic products has developed into a major export of China's medical device products. However, due to cut-throat competition, research and development lags behind many other reasons, in recent years, some of the advantages of domestic medical plastic products, gradually reducing the low-end is still the main export products, while the market demand for larger, more expensive intervention catheters, kidney dialysis machines and other high-end product development and production, should be strengthened.

Bio-Based Polymers Arrive In-Force At Chinaplas

With the first-ever Chinaplas Green Forum going on in the background, resin makers at the annual plastics exhibition were suddenly flush with an abundance of bio-based polymers.

Companies from around the globe featured newly-developed bio-based materials or dusted off old ones with new eco-friendly tag lines. While bio-based products had arrived in force, many are wondering how fast the market can catch up.



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