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Medical Plastic Products Industry, An Urgent Need To Strengthen Technical Innovation

Over the past 15 years, the international medical plastics market, the average annual growth rate of 15% to 18% in a variety of medical device market growth rate in the top. The production of medical plastic products in China began in the last century, 70's, the earliest medical plastic products of PVC (PVC) infusion bag system, which replaced the transport inconvenience, easily broken glass infusion bottles. At present, medical plastic products has developed into a major export of China's medical device products. However, due to cut-throat competition, research and development lags behind many other reasons, in recent years, some of the advantages of domestic medical plastic products, gradually reducing the low-end is still the main export products, while the market demand for larger, more expensive intervention catheters, kidney dialysis machines and other high-end product development and production, should be strengthened.

Disposable syringes industry advantage is no longer

The 20th century, 80 years, domestic companies abroad imitation PVC disposable syringes to be successful. As the production process of disposable syringes is relatively simple and required little capital, technology content is low and easy to put into production and so on, 90 years, thousands of businesses across the country have launched projects disposable syringes, so that the rapid development of our country to become the world's largest producer of disposable syringes is and exporting country, while the disposable syringes are rapidly becoming the largest domestic production of medical equipment products.

However, after the market Ebb Tide, currently only the remaining 300 companies still producing disposable syringes. Concern that the National disposable syringes on the total capacity of up to 10 billion, but the actual annual output of only 30 billion to 4 billion, of which a large number of products exported to the international market. Last year, China exported an average price of disposable syringes only each 0.18 ~ 0.22 yuan. This price is close to cost price, export enterprises can only earn that export tax rebates. This is the disposable syringes enterprises in the international market, the consequences of vicious competition. Not only that, due to the large number of China's export of disposable syringes, since last year, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, India and other countries on China's exports disposable syringes filed anti-dumping lawsuits. These countries are China's major export markets disposable syringes. Should the guilty in these countries, they will charge 30% of China's disposable syringes and 50% of the 'punitive tariffs', which will lead to changes in these countries from the importers to import European manufacturers of similar products.

At present, foreign countries need most is auto-disable syringes, prefilled syringe and syringe needle-free syringes and other advanced products, in this respect, China and the developed countries are fairly far behind.

Strengthen the R & D and production of medical catheters

Medical catheter (tube) products after China's second largest exporter of disposable syringes medical plastic products. It is estimated that the national medical plastic tube output of 2 billion or so, a number of catheter Plastic products production and export in the international market leader, including the oxygen tube, suction tube, gastric intubation, dialysis, drainage tubes, feeding (liquid food) Tube, J-type catheter, negative pressure drainage tubes and other medical catheters. However, the added value of these products is not high, mostly Class Low-Value Consumable catheter (this is similar to the situation of China's disposable syringes). In China, the implementation of more than ten million new cases each year of cardiovascular stent implantation, making such operations must be used to expand airbags and cardiovascular intervention plastic catheter, but this high-grade catheter products in China has less production, but a large number of imports from the United States - That is why in the domestic hospital for a cardiovascular stent implantation surgery will take several million yuan reasons. Import catheter and stent is too expensive, ordinary working-class unbearable.

To be made to improve the quality of kidney dialysis machines

At present, about one million people worldwide have three people in uremic patients, they need to have regular kidney dialysis, so hollow plastic fiber kidney dialysis machine needs a huge number. However, the hollow plastic fiber kidney dialysis machine market fundamentals for the United States, Germany, Sweden and Japan and other developed countries monopolize. China hospital kidney dialysis machine 90% of imported products. At present, the domestic hollow plastic fiber kidney dialysis machine, not only in quality than similar products in developed countries, production is running out. Many domestic hospitals for fear of domestic hollow plastic fibers, but the quality of kidney dialysis machines can not easily be purchased off of. In addition, while the demand from the market point of view, development and production of domestically produced high-quality plastic hollow fiber kidney dialysis machine has good prospects, but unfortunately, our country has in the production of specialty plastic dialysis hollow fibers have not yet made significant technological breakthrough, most dependent on imports.

Urgent need for replacement of artificial heart-lung machine

At present, the foreign hospital for bypass surgery required an artificial heart-lung machine (oxygenator) has plastic membrane oxygenator, but my hospital is still using the backward Bubble oxygenator. Western medical researchers believe that the plastic membrane oxygenator in the future is bound to replace the traditional bubble-type oxygenator, as the former effect on plasma components smaller. It is predicted that due to a number of countries like China are still the same should be gradually to replace the bubble-type oxygenator, therefore, plastic membrane oxygenator will be the next 10 years, best-selling products on the international market.

In addition to these products, domestic and overseas markets for much-needed artificial heart valves, artificial blood vessels, artificial joints and other orthopedic implantable medical devices such as high-end production of plastic products, China is still in its infancy, both in product quality, quantity or variety of both unable to compete with similar products in developed countries.

Development of high-grade raw materials is a priority

Medical plastic raw materials from the production and consumption can judge a country's medical plastic products industry, degree of development. Currently, manufacturers of medical plastic products in developed countries there are more than 90 kinds of raw materials, including silicone rubber, polyurethane, polyethylene terephthalate, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile, polyolefin, polycarbonate, polyether, poly sulfone, polyacrylate, etc.. It was reported that in 2008, China for the production of PVC medical plastic products as high as 5 million tons of raw materials, such polymer materials used in manufacture of low-grade medical products, and our polycarbonate, polyethylene terephthalate , polyether, polysulfone polymer such as relatively high prices of medical consumption of plastic raw materials, much lower than Europe and the United States, Japan and other developed countries. This shows that our medical plastic products in the technical level there is a big gap with the developed countries. Developed high-grade medical plastic products used in the consumption of new materials, polymer cent of their production of medical polymer materials, 40%, while the proportion of China's less than 10%.

In view of this, our medical plastic products to break the high-volume, low-return of the existing structure, the only way out is to increase investment to develop much-needed domestic and foreign markets high-end medical plastic products. Otherwise, as in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia and other Southeast Asian newly industrialized countries of the medical plastic products processing industry, the rapid rise in the future is bound to low-end of our disposable syringes and other medical plastic products pose a threat to the export. Rely solely on export large volumes of low-grade medical plastic products to swap the old road will be increasingly difficult to walk, my company has only determined to take the 'technological innovation' the road to open up a new world.

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