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DePuy Launches Software For Knee Replacement Surgery

Depuy Orthopaedics, Inc, has announced the launch of computer software designed to significantly enhance the field of computer-assisted knee replacement surgery. The Ci Essential Knee System is computers software that provides surgeons with a three-dimensional view of the knee joint to help accurately align implants during knee replacement surgery.

“The goal of the Ci Essential Knee software design is to increase operating room efficiency, decrease planning time for the surgeon during surgery, and make the software easier to use for the surgeon and the surgeon’s staff,” said Manish Gupta knee product director, DePuy.

The demand for knee replacements growing rapidly. It is estimated that the number of primary total hip replacements will increase by 673 percent to 3.48 million in 2030. This is due in part to the growing number of baby boomers with osteoarthritis and the rise in obesity among the population.

The Ci Essential Knee System offers screens and menus that were created after extensive observation of surgeons actually using computers in the operating room. The resulting system is designed to be intuitive and easier to use, and allows the surgeon to adjust the program according to personal preferences in surgical approach.

(Ref: The Chronicle Pharmabiz dated November 22, 2007)





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