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Medical Device Sector Pleads Govt To Implement MoH Certification For Its Products

The medical device sector wants the Ministry of Heath and Family Welfare to implement the Ministry of Health certification (MoH) in the country soon. The industry is hopeful that this certification will give lot of credibility to the industry both within the country and outside.

Bayer Healthcare To Acquire Pathway Medical Technologies

Bayer HealthCare announced that its affiliate, MEDRAD, Inc. has acquired Pathway Medical Technologies, Inc., of Kirkland, Washington. Financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed. With this acquisition, Bayer HealthCare is strengthening its MEDRAD Interventional business by expanding its presence in the field of vascular intervention technologies.

HLL Lifecare Steps Into Retailing Of Medical Devices

PUBLIC sector HLL Lifecare Ltd, which is emerging as a full-spectrum healthcare company beyond its mainstay portfolio of contraceptives, has ventured into the retailing segment to sell medical devices and essential drugs.

PC Puts Pharma, Medical Devices As Priority Sectors For 12th Plan

The Planning Commission (PC) has placed pharmaceuticals and medical equipment sectors as priority areas where India is enjoying a definite competitiveness and having a higher potential to contribute to the overall contribution of the manufacturing sector during the next Five year plan period.

Gujarat : Leading The Medical Device Sector In India

Apart from being hailed as the pharmaceutical hub of the country, another sector that is fast caching up the frenzy of this industry-friendly state is the medical device sector. Suja Nair shirodkar taps the latest in this sector from Gujarat.

In spite of having huge growth potential within the country, medical device sector still remains to be one of the fields that yet has to be explored by many. Only a handful of the states in the country has taken active initiative to push this niche but highly dependable sector at a growth trajectory.

Medical Device Industry Needs More R&D Boost From Government

LACK of research and development (R&D) facilities specifically dedicated for medical device sector is posing as a major impediment for development of this sector. The government needs to take proactive steps towards developing a proper infrastructure in the country for R&D to level up with the benchmark set up by the global market, said D L Pandya, who is a senior medical device industry consultant from Gujarat.