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Medical Device Packaging To Be Significantly Improved By 2020

Medical products have developed very well in the last few decades. With advances in the medical sector, medical packaging will also change considerably by 2020.

Interactive Medical Packaging

Over the coming decade, medical packaging will become more interactive which will require use of different materials. In USA, the FDA is encouraging that each primary package produced should carry an RFID tag with a unique code. In the future, it is projected that such tags will activate packaging line operations such as labeling, provide data for pedigree records, and help track and trace product through the supply chain to prevent counterfeiting and diversion. Intelligent shelves and storage cabinets will communicate with the tag permitting automated inventory tracking in hospital and retail settings. RFID tags along with printed electronics, nanotechnology and related nanomaterials will provide on-package tools to alert customers/consumers if a product is out of date.

Medical Packaging with Braille Information

The European Union requires drug packaging to carry tactile information about product name, dosage, and expiration date to aid sight-impaired consumers (EU 2001/83/EC). It is expected that this legislation will spread beyond the EU over the coming decade. While embossing can provide this information, a glue dot dispensing system can apply 0.5 mm characters on any substrate.