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PVCMed Alliance Reiterates Willingness Of The Industry To Innovate And Improve Products For Quality Health Care

In reply to the efforts to ban phthalates from medical devices as part of a broad - based effort to improve and toughen medical device regulations in the European Union as per an article published by Plastics Today , the PVCMed Alliance issued the following statement :

The PVCMed Alliance acknowledges the fact that some phthalates used as plasticisers in a number of medical devices are currently under growing scrutiny by regulatory and medical authorities[1]. PVCMed does not favour any specific plasticisers used in the medical devices. Rather, it encourages the value chain to commit to innovation, continuous improvement of safety, performance and cost efficiency in order to continue developing innovative products for all healthcare applications.

However, we fear that the article above can create confusion by over generalising to the entire medical applications made of PVC. As a matter of fact, the article underestimates the various qualities of PVC that have not been equalled by any other material for medical applications. PVC is to date the only material that is able to guarantee the quality and performance demanded by medical professionals and regulatory bodies, while still remaining highly cost-efficient.

The PVCMed Alliance reiterates the willingness of the industry to innovate and to continuously improve it products. As a matter of fact, alternative plasticisers that perform their technological function with PVC as well as phthalate plasticisers have been developed and are increasingly being used in a wide array of medical applications allowing medical equipment purchasers to benefit from PVC’s unique properties for patient comfort, economic affordability and hospital hygiene.

About PVCMed

PVCMed is an alliance of the PVC medical industry chain represented by PVC resin & plasticiser producers and PVC converters to proactively engage in PVC and healthcare related debates. The Alliance’s aim is to provide a focal point for communication with healthcare professionals and regulators about PVC-based healthcare applications, and their fundamental role in quality of healthcare, safety and cost-efficiency, all whilst being environmentally responsible.

Mission & Objectives

The Alliance’s mission is to establish an effective platform to promote continuous PVC contribution to the improvement of healthcare. The aim is to provide a focal point for communications and to strengthen dialogue with all involved stakeholders about the use and value of PVC in healthcare applications and its role in ensuring quality and safe healthcare.

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