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Why Non-Woven Fabrics
For Medical Textiles?


Nonwoven medical textiles have become indispensably important in surgery and medicine; the range of uses for this material is a testament to its incredible versatility and adaptability. The products made possible by this technology may appear to be the realm of the technologically knowledgeable.


But that perception belies the fact that everyone, at one point or another, will benefit from this technology. Nonwoven medical textiles, therefore, arenít just something for the medical industry to appreciate but, rather, something everyone needs to be openly thankful for and appreciative of.


Things like tissue bioengineering, nanotechnology, and the ever-expanding science of bio-materials are literally opening new horizons in the medical textile and related industries. Nonwovens are one of the many exciting catalysts for these promising technological developments.


Most people know that disposable incontinence/personal hygiene products are increasingly important products but what about the use of nonwoven technology to repair/replace bones, organs, vascular systems and skin grafts?


Simply put, nonwoven technology has greatly improved the life of many individuals with the use of the relatively new exciting field of biomedical textiles.


Here are just a few of the controllable properties of nonwovens that make them ideal for medical applications:

  • Porosity, Fabric weight, Thickness

  • Limitless manufacturing customization

  • Uncanny effectiveness/efficiency

  • Excellent user protection (high tearing & abrasion resistance, etc.)

  • Good cross-contamination control

  • Unbeatable wound-caring (absorbent pads, drug-delivery devices, bandages, etc.)

  • Sterilization capacity/ease-of

  • Cost-effectiveness

  • High performance (vapor transmission, air permeability, comfort, feel, etc.)

Nonwovens can be manufactured using eco-friendly, natural fibers.


Nonwovens often use cotton, which has many wonderful applications/properties for medical settings (e.g., hypoallergenic, naturally absorbent, soft, etc.)


New bio-polymer substances (e.g., polyactide or PLA) are another plausible biodegradable, recyclable and renewable alternative to synthetic fibers.




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