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 Foreword By Dr. R. A. Mashelkar, Director General

CSIR  & Secretary, Government of India

Department of Science and Technology

Quite often, medical product manufacturers receive complaints of device malfunctions, serious injuries or deaths associated with medical devices. Manufacturers are also required to have additional post marketing activities, postmarket surveillance for the monitoring of products after their clearance to market and device tracking for maintaining traceability of certain devices to the user level.


Considering the current healthcare needs of the country, the Government of India has recently launched Materiovigilance Program to monitor Medical Devices Associated adverse events (MDAE), create awareness among healthcare professionals about reporting and monitoring risk - based profile of Medical Devices. The program will not only help in ensuring better patient safety but also improve the standard of industry as well.


The genesis of this book lies in a series of columns covered in our Medical Device technology magazine and internet portals over a period of more than 23 years. The book covers a wide range of Devices from simplest Infusion Devices, Endotracheal / Tracheostomy Tubes, Catheters, Leukocyte reduction filters, Guide wires, Dialysis Filters, Vascular Haemostasis Devices, Blood Coating devices to artificial heart. It also highlights important issues like safety of healthcare professionals, reuse of single - use devices, cross-contamination, allergies to use of latex, sterilization methods, dialysis procedure etc.


Readers would also enjoy and get enlightened by the quotes given on all the pages which speak volumes "In A Nutshell".


  • Foreword

  • Preface

  • Acknowledgement

  • About Welding Of Thin Polymeric Films For Medical Applications

  • About Challenges Of Using Combination Products

  • About Trends In Medical Device Adverse Events

  • About Polymers To Restore The Sound Of Music?

  • About Determining Breathable Area Of Sterilization Package?

  • About When To Consider Outsourcing Medical Device Manufacturing To A Contract Manufacturer?

  • About What Global Medtech Manufacturers Need To Copy From India And China

  • About PVC : The Environmental Perspective For Health Products

  • About Conductive Plastic Which May Preserve Eyesight...!!

  • About Establishing A Healthcare Plastics Recycling Program

  • About Packaging Failures: The Largest Source Of Sterility Recalls

  • How Easily Bacteria Clog The Medical Devices…!!

  • About India’s Success In Developing Its Own Health Related Technologies




Product and Subject Index

About Author

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