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Alcon India Launches AcrySof® Restor® Lens

ALCON India, recently launched AcrySof® Restor® lens, which is unique technological innovation that can provide quality vision throughout the entire visual spectrum.

The AcrySof® Restor® lens, a foldable Intraocular Lens (IOL), represents breakthrough technology because of its unique and patented optic design, which allows patients to experience the highest level of freedom from glasses ever achieved in IOL clinical trials. It uses a combination of three complementary technologies - apodisation, diffraction and refraction, to allow patients to experience a full range of high quality vision. This range of vision without glasses is achieved through the optical properties of an IOL.

Alcon has patented the application technology to an IOL, making the AcrySof® Restor® lens the first and only apodised diffractive IOL. It features a unique, proprietary apodised diffractive optic design that provides the ability to focus images from various distances correctively on the retina without mechanical movement of the lens. Apodisation improves image quality by optimizing light energy delivered to the retina by distributing the appropriate amounts of light to near and distant focal points regardless of lighting situation.

It does not rely on the ciliary muscle, but enables the eye to quickly change focus to see objects at near, intermediate and far distances. This allows 80 percent of cataract patients the ability to see clearly without the aid of glasses or bifocals.

(Ref: The Modern Medicare dated November 2007)

GE Healthcare To Augment Engg. Head Count By 10%

Healthcare and life sciences solutions provider GE Healthcare is gearing up for an annual increase of an average 10 percent in head count for engineers in India. The move follows company’s expansion plans in research and development.

GE Healthcare, which has a team of 21,000 employees, is now increasing its efforts to develop products in India for India. “Indians from 25 percent of the total GE engineering strength with 1,000 of the 4,000 working at the Bangalore R&D centre,” stated V. Raja, president ad CEO, GE Healthcare South Asia.

The company has invested around $120 million in research and development in the country and now expects sales of medical products from India to reach $800 million in the next three years.” We currently have sales of $475 million, and this is both domestic and exports, and we growing at 18-20 percent a year,” stated the GE Healthcare South Asia Chief.

(Ref: The Chronicle Pharmabiz dated November 22, 2007)


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