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Life Sciences And Medical Devices Sector In India: Highlights

(Sector Highlights By Frost And Sullivan Prepared For Panel Discussion On “Right Opportunities And Best Practices In BRIC Markets”)

  • Even as the Government attracts FDI in healthcare, red tape and bureaucratic hurdles makes investors tread with caution

  • Per capita spending in healthcare among the least compared to other BRIC nations

Unorganized Sector and Retail Take the Top Spots for Growth Potential

  • Massive uptake of medical devices and consumables as Tier 2 & 3 cities improve hospital infrastructure and innovative delivery models are put in place

  • Impetus on customized / localized medical technology products

  • Specialized pharma products at low cost

  • Private equity investment in healthcare delivery, which is boosted by private health insurance adoption and hence service utilization

  • In the diagnostic services business, 80% of provision is in the unorganized sector which represents a huge opportunity

  • Similarly 90% of retail Pharma is unorganized which is a huge opportunity for organised players

Healthcare Divide and Unequal Distribution of Institutions Supporting Service Delivery

  • Private sector provides 70 - 75% of total healthcare in the country, rest is provided by Government

  • Urban rural divide is high with most private healthcare projects being carried out only in tier 1 cities and metros

  • Inadequate and inconsistent Government funding, inadequate infrastructure support from Government

  • Lack of adoption of quality standards. Hospitals in tier 2 & 3 cities are not focused on healthcare

  • Standards and quality care

  • Lack of distinct status for the medical devices industry along with lack of quality standards

  • Compulsory license by government for low cost pharma products to reduce the cost of treatment

Global Players with a Local Approach

  • Healthcare and Consumer Goods Supplier– able to reach masses by way of community programs, health and hygiene campaign and able to reach bottom of pyramid and created huge brand loyalty

  • Leading Skin and Wound Care Manufacturer – quality product, innovation is the key message, training and education way of market building exercise created huge brand loyalty amongst healthcare providers

  • International Pharma and Diagnostics Supplier – Oncology drugs, strong brand reliability amongst doctors and hospitals by way of market building exercise, reliable products, quick service and strong distribution network

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