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CDSCO Sets Ambitious Expansion Plan In Capacity Building During 2013-20

According to the roadmap prepared by the CDSCO for the period of 2013 - 20, strengthening of manpower is a key element “by strengthening of CDSCO manpower by creating additional 1195 new posts, including 64 experts and additional 4300 personnel for new laboratories, mobile drug testing labs, E-governance, training academy,” it said.

According to the roadmap and vision published by the CDSCO, e-governance will be another important area to increase transparency and credibility. “All offices of zonal / sub-zonal / port offices / laboratories of CDSCO and offices of State Drugs Controllers will be interlinked for fast communication, IT enabled services, preparation of National Registry, Video Conferencing, archiving of all files etc,” it said.

“Consumer awareness programmes to educate and sensitise consumers, medical care providers etc. on drug safety alerts, promotion of generic drugs, self medication issues, etc.; setup of eight new Central Drugs Testing Laboratories with a capacity to test around 8000 samples per annum by each laboratory; Upgradation of existing six Central Drugs Laboratories; Upgradation of existing CDSCO zonal/subzonal and port offices; set up five new Central Cosmetics Testing Labs, three new Central Diagnostic kit labs and five new Central Medical Devices Testing Laboratories; set up of 20 mini drug testing labs at port offices of CDSCO to monitor quality of imported and exported drugs; purchase of 20 mobile drug testing vans; set up of five new Central Cosmetics Testing Labs, three new Central Diagnostic Kit Labs and five new Central Medical Devices Testing Laboratories,” the vision document says.

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Taking A PEEK At New Implants

Solvay Specialty Polymers expands range of PEEK resins for implantable Medical Devices.

A new radio-visible compound grade, Zeniva ZA-520, provides image contrasting capabilities for visualisation with x-ray CT and MRI imaging systems.

Zeniva ZA-520 compound provides visibility of an implant without the artifacts common with competitive metal-based materials, according to Solvay.

The new compound is available in resin form - for injection moulding - and rod stock which can be high-precision machined.

On the basis of biocompatibility testing to ISO 10993 standards, Zeniva PEEK is claimed to demonstrate no evidence of cytotoxicity, sensitisation, irritation or acute systemic toxicity.

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