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NASA to collaborate with Indian bio-medical Industry

National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA), USA, is looking for collaboration with Indian Industries in order to transfer its spin-off technologies, especially in the bio-medical field, for the benefit of the common man, a NASA scientist has said here.

Manipal introduces laser technology for ENT surgery

Manipal Hospital has introduced advanced endoscopic laser technology for ENT surgery to treat problems of the voice box (larynx) and mouth (oropharynx). It is for the first time in India that a hospital will use advanced diode laser system evolve in the surgical field of ENT.

Heart Core ties up with Synchron for medical imaging

The Netherlands based Heart Core B.V. has signed a strategic partnership with Synchron Research, a CRO, headquartered in Ahmedabad, for medical imaging in clinical trials in South East Asia.

India's Healthcare is thriving 'privately'

Here is a shocking piece of information : In terms of public spending on health, India ranks 171st out of 175 countries. In contrast, it ranks an impressive 18th in terms of private spending on health.

Polar Pharma to make equipment

Polar Pharma India Ltd., part of the Rs. 165 crore Polar Group, is planning to diversify into the field of medical equipment and devices. The Rs. 45 crore company has initiated talks with international manufacturers for marketing and technology tie-ups of products in the domestic markets.