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Docs See jackpot in medical tourism

You don’t need to break a hip to come to India. But if you do, But if you do, world class treatment at a fraction of the cost in the West as well picturesque spots to convalesce are waiting! The splendors of ‘Incredible India’, such as Goa and Kerala, may also emerge as "Convalescing hotspots" for foreign patients.

Bharat Scans turns hi-tech

PREDICTIVE and diagnostic medicine have emerged as direct spin-offs to the healthcare boom. Chennai based Bharat Scans is one such company which can boast of being the first in Asia to install several advanced diagnostic machines.

Apollo Hospitals looks for pacts in West Asia, Africa

Apollo Hospitals Group is scouting for partnering with hospitals in West Asia and Africa to leverage its brand equity in these highly potential medical tourism markets. The company is looking at bagging operation and management contracts from healthcare service providers in these markets, aiming to have close to 1,000 international beds over the next two years.