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UL Pitching To Be India's Authorised Certification Company For Medical Devices

The Centre has initiated a dialogue with certification organisations including UL India Private Limited, an affiliate of the US based underwriters Laboratories Inc, for appointing an authorised certification company for Indian medical devices.

Kodak Unveils Advanced Films For Radiography

Kodak India Private Limited, the Indian subsidiary of the US $ 13.5 billion Eastman Kodak Company, unveiled its latest slew of products for the medical imaging community, at the 59th Annual Indian Radiology Congress........

NBI To Begin Testing of Medical Devices

Even as the government directives for the quality testing of medical devices that were recently notified as drugs are yet to materialize, the National Institute of Biologicals (NBI), Noida, has announced its intentions to begin quality testing of all implantable medical devices for regulatory purposes.