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Brazilian Health Devices :

The New Industry Brand To Be Launched

The Brazilian industry of health products and equipment is investing in technology and growth, both home and abroad, with the aim of becoming one of the world’s largest by the end of the decade.


This Brazilian industry has seen strong growth over recent years and, according to the WHO [World Health Organization], it is the second largest emerging country in terms of medical equipment sales revenues. As part of their project for expansion, ABIMO, in partnership with Apex-Brazil [the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency], is launching the new industry brand: Brazilian Health Devices.


The new industry brand, Brazilian Health Devices, will be launched internationally at the MEDICA fair, in November, in Germany.


Export Targets


ABIMO [The Brazilian Association of Medical Devices Manufacturers] President Franco Pallamolla states: “Our objective is to be one of the five largest producers of high and medium technological density products by 2020”.


ABIMO’s objective is to expand the number of markets in which Brazilian products are present – a figure currently standing at 180 countries –, and progressively increase export sales volumes to US$ 1 billion, by 2015. The industry’s exports for 2010 reached US$ 633 million.


Over the last 12 years (from 1999 to 2010), the industry has seen revenue growth of 320% and, in order to keep this momentum going, it has been investing strongly. In 2010, the average rate of investment was 3.2% of revenues, mainly applied to the development and updating of technology. ABIMO’s forecast for 2011 is that the industry will invest 3.3% of revenues – a figure estimated to translate into R$ 9.3 billion.




In addition to ploughing back a proportion of its revenues, the Brazilian medical and hospital equipment and materials industry also counts with support from the BNDES [Brazilian Development Bank], which provides lines of credit. Among the main goals of the PROFARMA [Program for Support of the Industrial Health Complex] program run by the BNDES is to increase the Brazilian industrial health complex’s ability to compete.


Paula Portugal, the head of ABIMO’s international projects, says: “The wide variety of Brazil’s products tends to surprise people. We produce everything from disposable products, to high tech machinery. Brazil has the technology, yet some countries still don’t know we make these products”.


The launch of the Brazilian Health Devices brand is part of a strategy to change this perception and further encourage the industry’s exports. In 2011, it will be ten years since the Brazilian industry has had a presence at MEDICA, in which it has invested an average of R$ 1 million per edition.


Portugal emphasises: “MEDICA is the main showcase abroad, where it is possible to gain visibility in the global market. And, the fact Brazil has participated for the last 10 years is proof of the credibility it has”. There will be more than 50 Brazilian companies present in this year’s edition of the trade fair.


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