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IT : The Engine Driving Medical Technology

The most significant innovation in medical technology is the use of IT in medical products and systems. Surgery and patient monitoring can now take place remotely, with patientsí functions being checked without their noticing. Medical equipment can also be monitored remotely. Any malfunctions can be analysed off site, boosting prevention and keeping repair and maintenance down-time to a minimum. The Dutch medical technology industry operates on a global scale and accounts for almost 20 % of the world market. The Dutch market is important mainly because new products are developed in collaboration with Dutch hospitals, which also perform clinical evaluations. Medical technology firms develop medical equipment and devices that make treatment less stressful for patients. They also devise medical aids that allow the disabled to live as normally as possible. The Dutch medical technology sector develops and produces tools for the medical profession, for example diagnostic, respiratory and monitoring systems, ophthalmic devices, equipment used in home care and physiotherapy, implants, rehabilitation aids and dental products. It also organizes projects to set up new hospitals. In all these areas, the sector makes ample use of IT.

(Source : Holland Economic Tribune , volume 4 , no 4 , 2002)






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