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Baxter releases new infusion pump software

Baxter Healthcare Corporation has released new medication infusion pump software developed to provide features to enhance patient safety through the reduction of intravenous medication programming errors. When hospital staff administer a medication through the infusion pump, the Colleague Guardian Feature compares each does entered against the hospital-defined limits. If a dose is programmed outside these limits, the Colleague Guardian Feature provides a visual and audible alarm, informing the clinician that the does is outside the hospital formularyís recommended range. This interface between pump and clinician is enhanced by the use of a color screen, the first innovation of this type in the infusion pump industry.

Operating on standard tubing, the Colleague line of infusion pumps has helped hospitals streamline to fewer, less expensive disposables, while safely and accurately delivering IV medication.

[Ref: Chronicle Pharmabiz, Dec. 6, 2001]

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Horizon gets FDS approval of new chronic dialysis catheter

Horizon Medical Products Inc has received 510k clearance from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to begin the commercial sale and distribution of its new high flow chronic dialysis catheter, the LifeJet. The LifeJet catheter, the fifth new product the company has introduced during 2001, provides high flow rates with 20 percent lower arterial lumen pressures than its top two competitors.

The LifeJet catheterís unique crescent shaped internal lumen design and its thin-walled polyurethane cannulae result in a venous lumen that is 12.5 percent larger and an arterial lumen that is 30 percent larger in internal lumen areas than those of the next largest competitorís product. This facilitates high flow rates while decreasing arterial lumen pressure during dialysis. The LifeJet catheterís crescent shaped arterial lumen has rounded corners, which aid in reducing damage to red blood cells. Unlike competing catheter brands, the LifeJet does not have distal tip side holes, thus reducing the potential for development of harmful fibrin formations. In addition, a more generous spacing between the venous and arterial lumens should aid in the reduction of recirculation.

Blythe B. Tomlin, HMPís dialysis marketing manager, said that she is very excited about the prospects for the companyís new LifeJet catheter. "The LifeJet catheter meets the needs of both physician and patient by offering a solution to persistent problems encountered with conventional dialysis catheters."

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Meditronic to buy MiniMed for $3.3 billionn

Medical devices maker Medtronic Inc said it would buy diabetes treatment company MiniMed Inc and a related company making insulin pumps and sensors for $3.7 billion in cash, enabling it to enter the diabetes management business. Minneapolis-based Medtronic, the worldís biggest maker of medical devices, said it will pay $48 per share, or $3.3 billion, for Northridge, California-based MiniMed.

Medtronic, which offers a line of surgical products including cardiovascular, neurological and spinal devices, has purchased Arterial Vascular Engineering, Sofamor Danek and Xomed Surgical Products since 1999. The company also makes ear, throat and nose devices.





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