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Medical Plastics Market Growing Rapidly

According to a new study, more than 2 billion pounds of medical plastics were consumed in 1999. Growing at an average annual growth rate (AAGR) of 5.8%, this market is expected to consume over 2.6 billion pounds by the year 2004.

Nondisposables comprises slightly over 50% of total volume. Commodity thermoplastics currently dominate the market with just under 50% of total volume, having a consumption level 956million pounds in1999. This market will total 1,240 million pounds as it increases at an AAGR of 5.3% during the 5-year forecast period.

The fastest growing market will be that for TPEs with an AAGR of 7.3% between 1999 and 2004. This market will expand from 90 million pounds in 1999 to 128 million pounds by 2004. Styrenics, engineering resins, and thermosets are expected to experience AAGRs in the range of 6% to 6.5% each during the forecast period. In the aggregate, a slight shift from commodity thermoplastics to engineering resins, styrenics, thermosets, and TPEs is forecast.

Major nondisposable markets are testing/diagnostic equipment, surgical instrument and related equipment, prostheses/implants, dental and ophthalmics. Disposable products include syringes, kits, labware, tubing, blood bags, utensils, gloves, trays, catheters, and thermometers.

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