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About Anti-Thrombogenic Polymer which Improves Artificial Kidney Performance


Tokyo-based Toray Industries Inc. has received this yearís prestigious Ichimura Prize in Industry for Excellent Achievement for its development and commercialization of an anti-thrombogenic artificial kidney.


Drawing on the core nanotechnology and computational chemistry capabilities to create an artificial kidney from a polysulphone membrane that enhances anti-thrombogenic performance in line with advances in dialysis treatment, a Tokyo-based Toray Industries Inc. has developed and commercialized an anti-thrombogenic artificial kidney. It has received this yearís prestigious Ichimura Prize in Industry for the Excellent Achievement.


Artificial kidneys remove waste products from the blood of renal patients. Dialyzers incorporate polysulphone blended with hydrophilic polyvinylpyrrolidone to achieve antithrombogenic properties. To improve their performance, Toray applied a proprietary hypothesis focused on how adsorbed water interacts with polymers using computational chemistry in the polymer design process. The research led to the discovery of a new anti-thrombogenic polymer that can suppress platelet adhesion better than polyvinylpyrrolidone. Toray went on to develop and commercialize artificial kidneys for chronic and acute renal failure based on this technology.


The technology helps improve the quality of life of patients with chronic and acute renal failure while reducing the workload of medical professionals.


The technology has been applied to a number of products that enhance the patientís quality of life and clinical efficiency, including hemodialyzer, Toraylight HDF and Toraysulfone NV hemodialysis filters which provides continuous and gentle haemofiltration.


(, Apr 18, 2022 )

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