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Trivitron Develops Radiation Protective Wear For Medical Professionals

SpaceD Radiation aprons regulate heat in addition to providing radiation attenuation as specified in IEC and ASTM standards.

New Delhi: Medical technology innovators Trivitron Healthcare launched SpaceD Radiation protection aprons which use NASA's Outlast® technology to make the protective gear more comfortable and safe for medical professionals. These aprons utilize phase change materials (PCM) that absorb, store and release heat for optimal thermal comfort during medical procedures.

Radiation Protection Gear is worn for long hours by healthcare professionals without any break which is why it is essential to make the protective gear comfortable in addition to providing radiation attenuation as specified in IEC and ASTM standards. These requirements, as the company noted, can be sufficed by the SpaceD Radiation aprons.

Overexposure to radiation leads to multiple negative health effects that can range from burns, radiation sickness, to permanent damage to the skin and bone-marrow, genetic mutation and cancer. Trivitron claims that this protective gear can safeguard against stochastic and deterministic effects of radiation which pose great threat to the health of medical professionals. It also manages temperature, heat, sweat, and moisture providing comfort while performing long surgical procedures.

Medtech Sector To Reach $50 Billion Market By 2025

Medical devices industries said that the there is a massive under-penetration of medical devices in the market, and there is indeed a growth opportunity of the sector.

NEW DELHI : India’s medical technology sector has a potential to reach 50 USD billion by 2025, Dr Jintendra Singh, Minister of State (Independent Charge) of the Ministry of Science and Technology; Earth Sciences said on Thursday. He was speaking at the 13th edition of the Global MedTech Summit organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

“India has the technology; expertise and it has a huge potential to be explored indigenously which will serve the medical fraternity and also be in tune with our goals of becoming Aatmanirbhar." Moving forward “we have to integrate all the ministries, and undertake theme-based projects, rather than ministry or department-based projects," said Singh.

“This will allow us to pool our resources and help us reach optimum outcomes with the integration of the private sector and start-ups." India has the best of medical management available in the best centres in India, both private and public, and is equally comparable to western centres that have started earlier," he said.

Department of Commerce, in consultation with all stakeholders has set a target of 400 billion dollars of merchandise exports by 2021-22 and increasing it to USD 1 trillion in the next 6 years.

“India still has a high degree of import dependence with 85% of the market is imported; this impinges on our healthcare goals of access and affordability. Towards this, the government launched the PLI schemes. A strong innovation ecosystem must also support start-ups, with a focus on innovation that meets patient needs and reduces lifetime costs," S Aparna, Secretary, Department of Pharmaceuticals, Ministry of Chemicals & Fertilizers.

“Indian medical device sector should leapfrog to futuristic technologies, growing trends in telemedicine, digital medicine, personalized devices, as we have in India a happy confluence of a strong IT sector," she said.

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