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Indian Company Manufactures N-100 Mask Which Filters 99.97% Air

Under Make in India drive, few creative minds have made a mask called XD100. The company named Excel 3D Advanced Technologies has made this reusable mask and now applied for a patent because of its unique design. Mumbai based Sameet Raut & his London based partners, Dr Rahul Gore and others, have developed and produced this mask in India. They have developed this mask keeping front-liners like doctors, nurses & others in mind.

In the N-100 mask category, there are only 9 companies in the world that make such masks. In India right now, front liners have been provided with an N-95 mask but this category of the mask which is N-100 is safer as it filters 99.97% of 0.3 microns particle size.

"We are into the 3D printing business and during this pandemic, we wanted to make the most efficient and affordable mask which will help frontliners and is far more superior than N-95 masks. Also, there are no companies in India that make the N-100 or equivalent masks currently," said Sameet Raut. Sameet and his team took 4 months to design & develop this mask using advanced technologies while their other team was looking after documentation and legal permissions. "There is a USA based firm which sells N-100 mask in India. This firm manufactures the mask in China and they are costlier. We focused on the best quality by using the highest standard medical materials with a long life which will result in affordability. We provide 5 filters with this reusable mask " said Sameet Raut.

XD100 is washable and its filtration capacity does not reduce with every wash like any other cotton mask, as it's medical-grade plastic and only filter needs to be changed.

The developer feels a single filter can be used for 10 days in the Non-COVID situation and in the COVID situation every shift it should be replaced. This mask was tested by DRDO, appointed by ICMR and now the company has applied for FDA and has got the manufacturing code.

The company has sent the mask to the USA FDA for its NIOSH approval. Excel 3D is the only Indian company that is making an N-100 equivalent mask under the FFP3 category. Sameet feels this mask will be used in Industrial application for people working in Cement, Chemicals, pharmaceutical companies and not just COVID situation.

XD100 mask filters 99.97% air which is 4% more than N-95 mask. The government has advised not to use the N-95 mask which has exhalation valve. Then how safe is this mask as there is a valve in this mask too? Sameet said," Valve of N-95 mask has been fitted separately, in XD100 mask we have integrated it in the design and considering the advisory from Indian government we have also arranged a filter in the exhalation valve".

COVID-19 Treatment: CDSCO Shows Green Flag To Baxter India Oxiris Filter

Gurugram: Healthcare firm Baxter India on Tuesday said it has received approval from the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO) for the use of its Oxiris blood purification filter for the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

The filter is intended to be used in the critically ill Covid-19 patients in need of blood purification where excessive inflammatory mediators are present, Baxter India said in a statement.

"The Covid-19 cases in India have been spiralling and putting pressure on our the healthcare system. This approval has come at a crucial time when such filter sets are much required to ease the burden on healthcare providers," Baxter India General Manager Ravinder Dang said.

The company hopes that the availability of Oxiris will go a long way in fighting the Covid-19 cases in India, he added.

During blood purification therapy, the patient's blood passes through the Oxiris filter set, where it can adsorb inflammatory mediators, and remove fluid, electrolytes and uremic toxins, before returning the patient's blood to the body, Baxter India said.

Baxter India is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Baxter International Inc. It started operations in India in April 1997. , July 8, 2020

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