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AMTZ sets up Centre for Bio-Materials Testing

A scientific facility - Centre for Biomaterial Testing - has been developed in country’s first medical technology manufacturing park- Andhra Pradesh Med Tech Zone (AMTZ) to help manufacturers test their products and assist them to overcome deficiencies in their products, thereby enhancing product value in the market.

The facility will help serve the purpose of sterility evaluation, histopathology evaluation, physio-chemical evaluation, accelerated aging and package validation in accordance with international standards like ISO and ASTM to to address unmet clinical needs.

Accelerated aging is an artificial procedure for establishing the lifespan or shelf life of a product in an expedited manner. Data obtained from the study is based on conditions that simulate the effects of aging on the materials.

The state-of-the-art laboratory which is primarily intended for medical device industry for physio-chemical evaluation as well as biological evaluation of samples can also serve industries like chemical, polymer and pharmaceuticals to evaluate the characteristics of materials using spectroscopic and imaging modalities like scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM).

AMTZ has also inked formal agreements to set up scientific facilities like Centre for Electro-Magnetic Interference/ Electro- Magnetic Compatibility (EMI/EMC) and Electrical Safety Testing (EST), Centre for X-ray and CT Scan Tube Manufacturing, Centre for 3D Designing, Printing, Rapid Prototyping & Centre for Gamma Irradiation.

AMTZ with in-house high investment scientific facilities would help manufacturers reduce the cost of manufacturing by more than 40 per cent to 50 per cent.

( , July 30, 2018 )

India, US move a step closer : Trade Issues including Medical Devices.

India and the United States have moved a step closer in resolving trade disputes, with India agreeing to accept some of the US' demands on medical devices and electronics (IT), Hindustan Timesreports.

The two countries have discussed concessions on medical devices, dairy and IT products, sources told the paper.

It is still unclear if there has been breakthrough on US tariffs on steel and aluminium, and India's retaliatory tariffs, the report said.

The update on the trade issue is likely to be announced before the 2+2 talks between India and the US, which will be held in September.

Commerce minister Suresh Prabhu spoke to US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer last week, the report said.

Moneycontrol could not independently verify the news. For medical devices, India will probably cap the prices for some US products, instead of imposing direct price controls, the report added.

India is likely to postpone the retaliatory tariffs, which are due to start on August 4.

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