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Brand India Engineering: E-Catalogue
How to get listed in E-Catalogue

1. Visit the website

2. Along with many useful information about the E-Catalogues, you will get the names of the industry, for which currently the E-Catalogue registration is open

  1. Pumps & Valves

  2. Medical Devices

  3. Electrical Machineries, Equipment & Components

  4. Textile Machinery & Accessories

3. Click on the link for the desired E-Catalogue.

4. The corresponding E-Catalogue home page is displayed. It describes about the industry and some important statistics.

5. On the top banner, there is a button named “Get Listed”.

6. Click on that button, which will take you to the Manufacturer Registration page for the corresponding catalogue.

7. Manufacturer Registration is a 3 step process.

  1. In the first step, you need to mention details about your company.

  2. In the second step, enlist all the products that you want, to be part of the E-Catalogue along with product certification information. Please note, certification is mandatory, if you do not have product certificate, then you will not be able to list your products in the E-Catalogue.

  3. You will also be able to upload maximum five product images in a predefined format and size mentioned in the E-Catalogue interface.

  4. The third step is the optional questionnaire. After responding to the questions, companies are requested to accept the Terms & Conditions and submit their entry.

8. Once all the data entry validations are successfully passed, your registration will be submitted.

9. After submission, the E-Catalogue Admin will verify your entry for accuracy or any missing information and your application will be either accepted or rejected. If your entry is approved, your company and products gets listed in the E-Catalogue.

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