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American Society For Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO), U.S.A.
Presents award to
Dr. Ramamoorthy Ramaswamy and Dr. Krishnamoorthy Ramaswamy

for outstanding poster and presentation on
Short Term Intravascular Ventricular Assist Device - A Novel Design Concept

If this device evolves itself into a clinically applicable device, it will be of benefit to the mankind.

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Hon. President of India

Ramamoorthy Ramaswamy, Krishnamoorthy Ramaswamy, Ramaswamy Ganapathy, Dept of Medicine, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, Dharmapuri, Tamilnadu, India.

Background : Millions of people through out the world face fatal haemodynamic complications related to acute heart failure. Despite pharmacological advances the mortality is raising.

Objective : To design a circulatory assist pump that is simpler than the IABP that also combines direct LV unloading with counterpulsation coronary filling, a concept which has been shown to provide excellent support for the failing heart.

Research design : The collapsible membrane pump (CMP) is a LV assist device placed intracorporeally with a dual valve mechanism. The catheter will be introduced via a superficial artery with its distal tip positioned in the LV. During diastole blood is aspirated into the collapsible chamber positioned in the descending aorta. The collapsible chamber gets distended which now acts to augment the diastolic coronary filling. During systole the chamber is compressed and blood is ejected into the ascending aorta. Collapsible chamber will be a reinforced polyurethane sac and works by an actuator mechanism placed in vitro. The dual membrane valves works by a simple flap valve mechanism.

Results : Preliminary computer aided simulation studies (Computational  Fluid and Dynamics and Non Linear stress analysis of the material) shows promising results. This device will directly unload the left ventricle decreasing the work load, oxygen demand, and increases coronary perfusion.

Conclusion : Our initial results are promising. We feel that the CMP could soon provide a cheaper, more efficient alternative to the other conventional short term ventricular assist devices in the management of acute LVF.

Dr. Ramamoorthy Ramaswamy and Dr. Krishnamoorthy Ramaswamy presented an outstanding poster entitled "Short Term Intravascular Ventricular Assist Device - A Novel Design Concept" at the ASAIO ( 51st annual conference held in Washington, DC. in June 2005.



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